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Most Popular Tarot Card Decks

A standard tarot card deck is comprised of two types of cards known as Major and Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana: likened to a deck of regular playing cards these cards are divided into four suits namely; cups, pentacles, wands, and swords. Every single suit carries ten cards numbering from one to ten. Every suit also has face cards which are known as the knight, the page, the king, and the queen.

The Major Arcana: these are stand-alone cards that carry unique meanings. They comprise of cards such as the Temperance, the Devil, the Fool, Strength, the Hanged Man and Death.

Different Tarot Card Readings Styles

Tarot readers hold different views on which are the right cards for individual clients. The troubles are seen on the cards dealt on the spread. For many psychics as well as magical practitioners, tarot cards are used as an avenue that helps in triggering the reader’s specific talent in sensing a client’s situation and interpreting the same.

Certain tarot readers use their skills to tap into a universal consciousness or universal mind. Several readers avoid having to explain what the cards have shown them but prefer to guide clients on ways to get in touch with their spirit.

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