• Most Popular Tarot Card Decks

    A standard tarot card deck is comprised of two types of cards known as Major and Minor Arcana.

    The Minor Arcana: likened to a deck of regular playing cards these cards are divided into four suits namely; cups, pentacles, wands, and swords. Every single suit carries ten cards numbering from one to ten. Every suit also has face cards which are known as the knight, the page, the king, and the queen.

    The Major Arcana: these are stand-alone cards that carry unique meanings. They comprise of cards such as the Temperance, the Devil, the Fool, Strength, the Hanged Man and Death.

    Different Tarot Card Readings Styles

    Tarot readers hold different views on which are the right cards for individual clients. The troubles are seen on the cards dealt on the spread. For many psychics as well as magical practitioners, tarot cards are used as an avenue that helps in triggering the reader’s specific talent in sensing a client’s situation and interpreting the same.

    Certain tarot readers use their skills to tap into a universal consciousness or universal mind. Several readers avoid having to explain what the cards have shown them but prefer to guide clients on ways to get in touch with their spirit.

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  • How Tarot Card Readings Work

    Contrary to popular belief, tarot cards don’t tell the future, they are instead a tool for spiritual guidance. Tarot card readings allow the receiver to get in touch with their inner wisdom. These readings make it possible for clients to understand what they need to learn about a specific situation.

    Tarot card decks are used as tools for inner wisdom and guidance through readings which reveal the past, current and future events crisscrossing the client’s path during the time of reading.

    However, it’s wise to note that the cards don’t reveal the events that took place or will unfold; instead they help the individual gain understanding of the situation and choose the best route to success based on the revelation from the tarot card readings.

    Tarot Card Predictions

    Tarot card readers hold the belief that the future is fluid and making absolute future predicts an impossibility. When readers lay out the cards, the purpose of identifying specific outcomes for their clients, they also examine the influences relating to the issues raised.

    Tarot card readings offer clients additional information that aids them in making informed choices. The services rendered help individuals faced with difficult decisions, however, they shouldn’t be used as a certainty to ultimate outcomes.

    How Are Tarot Cards Spread?

    The reader starts off a session by dealing a series of cards from the deck, placing them on the table in a format known as a spread. Every card in the spread is then interpreted based on its position and face value it represents.

    The position of the spread showcases a different aspect of the query made by the client. Three Fates and Celtic Cross are the two most common tarot card spread. They have the following meaning…

    The Three Fates: as it suggests, this is a spread of three cards. The first card represents the past, the second is used in expressing the present, and the final third card represents the future.

    The formation is one of the many three-card spreads in the offing today; some other spreads cover three things of topics including a current situation, obstacle, and a guide to overcoming the hurdle. They also focus on the things one can change, what’s impossible to alter, and what you might not be aware of. The Celtic Cross: it comprises of ten cards that represent things such as the past and future influences, conflicting influences and personal hopes

  • Mysterious Tarot Cards

    Tarot cards are a divination form which translates to working with a higher self or with the divine. Tarot card readings are undertaken by tarot experts who possess a third eye looking into things that remain hidden from the naked eye.

    Tarot serves as a map of the soul, which is an in-depth psychological guide that boosts self-empowerment championed by the 78 tarot symbolic cards.

    By going down memory lane, we discover that tarot cards came into the limelight in the 16th century in Italy, where wealthy people used them to play a game known as Tarocchi. It wasn’t until two centuries later that tarot card readings came into the fore for interpreting spiritual divination.

    How Tarot Cards Work

    The process is referred to as synchronicity, a term that describes a temporary coincidence of events occurring. Through this process, there is no clear definition between the inner and the outer. The card choice matches the exact thing your higher self is aware of.

    In essence, tarot card readings are the conversation you have with your higher self while the cards take the form of a sacred mirror.

    Types Of Tarot Card Decks

    We are living in a world where there are thousands of tarot decks to choose from. However, a traditional deck contains 22 major Arcana (trumps) that are archetypal images.

    There are a further 56 minor Arcana cards, an additional personality (court) cards that include; Queens, Kings, Pages, and Princes. There are four suits (or elements) comprising of fire, earth, air, and water that hold ten cards each. Experts reveal that there are numerous ways you can use to work a deck. Clients select the packs that call unto them intuitively.

    Professional tarot card readers are well versed in the many layers of tarot card dealings that include colour scales, Kabbalah, the tree of life, pathways, alchemy, Hebrew letters, symbolism, mythology, numerology, astrology, and learning ways to meditate with every card directly.